In addition to the book as a resource, there are additional products that may be very valuable to your business or organization:

  1. *Balance the Bridge Seminar  - this seminar, for up to 50 students, is a one day event that covers the model and builds awareness for the importance of strong communication skills.  The student learns through lectures and video case studies how to apply the model.  Each participant receives a workbook and a copy of the book.

  2. *Balance the Bridge Workshop - this three day workshop, for up to 20 students, is designed to use a variety of learning techniques including video case studies and role playing exercises to teach leaders how to demonstrate the model and effectively train their teams. Each student receives a copy of the book and a instructor guide on how to engage the model with their team.

  3. *Custom Team Assessment - this 2 week engagement is designed to assess an organizational team up to 15 people.  In addition to current state assessment, a documented improvement plan is provided at the end of the engagement.

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Coming soon - pdf files of the Conversation Scorecard and Personal Assessment Scorecard for use in your development plan.